Case Studies

Small Business

Blue Brothers

Blue Brothers Ltd manufactures Display boards and has branch offices across 3 cities. Being a small business owner there is always a constant need to know what goes on at all 3 offices at any given time. These 3 branches use a desktop software solution and a DSL Internet connection, to manage their everyday business. The employees do send their daily or weekly reports through excel sheet or text and or updates through email. The information they can extract is limited to what the current software provides and otherwise there is a need for a Computer educated or IT professional to additional ad-hoc needs which becomes an overhead for such small businesses.

The business owner wants to know the sales of last summer or compare the sales trend for last 3 months or analyze the lead time from order to supply or for an order volume increase or decrease how to plan for inventory and production staff. Though there is all these data present in the existing software but the existing IT infrastructure limits the availability of the information or demands more time to spend on to collect, consolidate and analyze the data.

The business owner signs up an account at with the account name: bluebrothers

The Login to his new account at downloads the CF Clint software at 3 branch offices.

CF client allows the user to configure the data that needs to be collected and how often to collect data from their existing business software in few simple clicks. Voila!

Next time when he login to, he finds a dashboard with widgets and the data collected from all 3 locations. In few simple clicks creates any type of reports and add it to his dashboard or analyze the data with the data collected so far. To go beyond, he can setup an alert, defining from the data when collected to automatically send a report a text message to his phone.

Software Solution Providers

Delence: (

Delence provides predictive IT infrastructure (combination of servers, databases, applications and network) monitoring software that is able to anticipate or predict in real time when and where performance of specific components of infrastructure will degrade or fail. The company delivers product in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) mode, which will enable it to sell to a broad range of clients.

Delence leverages data from a wide variety of IT monitoring tools that generates events and logs, from many different vendors. The Challenge is to quickly integrate with customers' data source and get real time data, to Delence's central database to enable real time predictive ability.

Now embedding the Cloud Funnel solution, Delence can instantly enable their customers to upload data to Delence's central database independent of the type of database, enabling rapid customer implementation time.