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Is Cloud ready for me...

posted Sep 15, 2011, 9:20 AM by Sri Prabu Vontlin   [ updated Jul 25, 2012, 7:22 AM ]
As many businesses are excited  about moving to Cloud, and  yet they feel, hmm... let's say Cloud  is not complete yet. this is a question to brainstorm.. just leaving my thoughts here.. want to hear from you..  what are the challenges you are facing today to move to Cloud..

For small businesses, a server room with 2 or 3 servers for domain server, email server, file server, database etc.. having an I.T Team (sometimes just one I.T all-in-all)... really want to get away having to maintain and manage.. Every 3 years on warranty renewal and then after 6 years to replace and catchup with new Operating system to whatever new available... do they really need a I.T server room or a full time I.T personnel..

As much as I think about what is the first need for Cloud is Infrastructure..  why not Microsoft/Google/Amazon partner with Comcast or any ISP to provide reliable, redudant internet .. or make it even seamless like Amazon's Kindle does on built-in Sprint wireless.. you don't pay for internet separately..

Too many variables in Pricing is scaring the small business owners..charge for compute time, charge for data storage.. charge for data read .. charge for data write..  who cares..
why not come up with a price flat, so small business do pay monthly subscription .. just like in email these days.. with a cap on for example..maximum size.. (or just one factor to put a cap on)...