Cloud Funnel offers Data Transfer Solution that collects data from various sources and provides unified web service. Cloud Funnel uses Microsoft Azure SQL as the backend database, allows you to scale up or down as the need changes.

Cloud Funnel Technology simplifies collection and consumption of data securely from various locations across the globe, whether the location is your branch office or a business partner.

Cloud Funnel offers both Free and Premium (Coming soon) version of the service that suites your need.


The Data Transfer Service that integrates instantly with any existing Applications using a combination of Web Service API and Cloud Funnel Tools.

Typically collecting data from 3rd party applications, that are running in geographically distributed locations and in many cases these locations have their own Internet connection (DSL/Cable etc), is not very easy.

Getting sensitive data, especially time-sensitive data, from one location to another becomes an enormous bottleneck. Writing custom code to collect and transfer by traditional means, and sharing the same data or a part of that data is often a overhead and sometimes such requirement is only a short period of time.

Often, Companies need to share the same data for backup or with other partners on a regular basis. The Cloud Funnel’s Data Transfer Service offers an instant solution to share this critical data easily, securely and quickly. Data can be collected within minutes and configured to share and consumed by any applications using Web Services API quickly and easily.


Our Tools offer the highest level of user friendliness in the whole setup process.

  • Cloud Funnel Agent (CFA): The Desktop Software Module that collects data as per the Job Schedule Configuration
  • Cloud Funnel Agent Manager (CFAM): The Desktop Software Module that configures the CFAM.
  • Cloud Funnel Web Service (Private Web Service): The Core Web Service (API), that provides functionality to read and write data to the Cloud Database.
  • Cloud Funnel Web Site (Private Website): A Web Application to access the data in the Cloud Database